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Here It Is, A New Yorkers' Guide To Chicago

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There's probably nothing Chicagoans hate more than being compared to New York. Ok, fine, Packers fans. But after that, there's nothing more insulting to a Chicagoan than when their friend from New York comes out to visit and compares everything in our fair city to something that they supposedly had first, or do better. Take for instance, the Sears Tower. It's just plain bigger than One World Trade Center. And let's not even get into the pizza debate. Chicagoans may hear something like, "Oh, the Bloomingdale Trail. Yeah, it's like the High Line. We've had it for years." No bro, besides the fact that you can ride a bike on it, the High Line is nothing like The 606. Our trail is uniquely Chicago. Ok fine, so they do have a lot in common, except the fact that ours is almost three times longer. But still, New Yorkers will never understand. And in order to help them understand, Joseph Vourteque, a New-York-born, Chicago-based DJ created this map to help our East Coast friends understand the Windy City a bit better. Look New Yorkers, we don't want any beef, but if you do, take it up with Rahm. He'll make fun of your weaksauce city flag and send you eight million pizzas with dead fish on top along with the bill.
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