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Here Are a Few Incredible Vintage Newsreels About Chicago

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A British newsreel service has recently uploaded thousands of videos on Youtube, with many newsreels about Chicago, dating back to the earliest decades of the 20th century. A couple of the videos highlight the changing face of Chicago, with its skyline comprised of new Art Deco and modernist towers that were built in the 1920s and 1930s. Other common themes include baseball (America's pastime) and fires. There's even videos of the blizzards from 1933 and 1938, with the narrator making fun of pedestrians slipping on the snow and ice saying in one newsreel, "To them, it may be tragic, but for us with the security of 4,000 miles between, it looks like a new kind of dance". More videos can be viewed on British Pathé's Youtube channel, and official website. Shout out to Gapers Block for uncovering this treasure trove of Chicago history.

· British Pathé [Youtube Channel]
· Dateline: Chicago [Gapers Block]