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What $1,800/Month Can Rent You On Chicago's North Side

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After a lengthy hiatus, we would like to reintroduce you to Curbed Comparisons, a series that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Chicago neighborhoods. And to usher in the return of Curbed Comparisons, we will be doing an epic two part post today and tomorrow where we will look at and compare apartments on the North and South Sides. So exactly how much space can you get for $1,800/month? It all depends on location, location, location, and right now we shall find out how various apartments on the North Side stack up.

↑ UPTOWN - Uptown is one of those places that despite all of the gentrification on the North Side, just kind of keeps on keeping on. If you're not opposed to the longish commute, great deals can be found on apartments in the neighborhood. Take for instance this fancy new two bedroom apartment at 5051 N Kenmore Ave. For $1,700/month, this pad comes with in-unit laundry, new appliances, Wi-Fi and a fitness center.

↑ LOGAN SQUARE - Ah, Logan Square. The boulevards, farmers market, dive bars and award winning restaurants. Rents have only been going up over the last few years in this northwest side neighborhood due to gentrification. And although it's still common to find units that haven't been touched in decades, gut rehabs are becoming more and more commonplace. For example, this three bedroom, one bathroom top floor apartment in Logan is becoming representative of the neighborhood's rental offerings. This spot includes in-unit laundry, private deck and a garage spot for $1,800/month.

↑ PORTAGE PARK - If you want the most bang for your buck, head out to the northwest side. Albany Park, Irving Park and Portage Park are all great neighborhoods to get away from the madness of being downtown, but still be a short Metra ride away. This 1,300 square foot two bedroom, two bathroom unit is not the worst deal in the world at $1,850/month. Everything is brand new in this condo and it features a fireplace, in unit washer and dryer, a decent sized balcony and a parking space.

↑ STREETERVILLE - Streeterville is close to everything, and because its location is awesome, prices for apartments can be terrible. And by terrible, we just mean really expensive. This one bedroom, one bathroom high rise apartment is fairly sizable for its location at 922 square feet, and will set back its occupant $1,830/month. The building comes with a lot of great amenities as well, including an indoor swimming pool, fitness center and a large shared rooftop space.

↑ WRIGLEYVILLE - Finally we head over to Wrigleyville. Could you tell by this picture of the kitchen? Only steps away from Wrigley Field, this pad is perfect for shotgunning beers, eating shit loads of pizza and blacking out during the 7th inning stretch. For $1,775/month, this two bedroom, two bath apartment includes large bedrooms, new baths, a new kitchen with a dishwasher and a deck.

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