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This Infographic of Chicago Neighborhood Stereotypes Nailed It

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"Typical" roommates in Chicago. Click image to enlarge.

Let's face it, neighborhood stereotyping has always been a "thing" in Chicago, considering there are 77 unique neighborhoods in the city that offer residents very different experiences. Last week we took a look at a rather crude map that labeled Chicago's neighborhoods with their often-offensive stereotypes, which led us to wonder how many of these maps were actually out there. Lo and behold, there is one that stereotypes neighborhoods and includes average rent information for each neighborhood listed. How useful! Apartment finding website Apartment List launched a roommate finder app last summer, and to usher in the new app, the company pieced together a handy infographic with useful average neighborhood rent prices—and stereotypes. They have since updated the graphic with current average rent info for each area. Although only twenty neighborhoods made the cut, the descriptions are indeed quite accurate. What do you think about this assessment of Chicago neighborhoods?

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