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Construction At Wolf Point Site Kicks Into High Gear

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It's only been a month since caisson drilling rigs first appeared on the scene of the future Wolf Point development, but construction of the eventual three tower megaproject is in high gear. Curbed stopped by the site to get a closer look at the scene, and spotted a construction crew busily buzzing away on the foundation of the new 48 story, 507 unit, bKL-designed West Tower, which represents the first stage in development for the Herculean effort that will ultimately result in three adjacent towers. The $1 billion project has been in the works for years, and it has been just over a year since the Chicago Plan Commission gave Phase 1 of the plan the go-ahead. We will continue checking in on the site periodically for updates, so stay tuned.

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Wolf Point

350 W Mart Center Drive, Chicago, IL 60654