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Buy Ann Lurie's Monster Mansion Without Side Yard For $15M

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After sitting on the market for 10 months with no bites, Ann Lurie is changing up the offer on her behemoth 18,500 square foot Gold Coast mansion. Lurie's sales team has decided to split up the home and its sizable, nearly-half-acre side yard to make the price more appealing. Interested parties may now purchase the most expensive mansion in Chicago by itself for $15 million, or go for the whole shebang which includes an adjacent 60' lot for another $4 million. The home built in 1891 is indeed quite large, and its yard is no slouch on size either, stretching more than two city lots. So essentially, the price on the home hasn't really changed at all, it just now comes with a no-yard option. Although the home's nearly-$4-million price difference may help it get a couple of bites, its estimated $117,944/year in property taxes is still hard to swallow.

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