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This Map of Chicago Will Offend Pretty Much Everyone

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Chicago gets a bad rap because of our staggeringly high violent crime rate, but there's so much more to offensive Windy City stereotypes than Chiraq. In fact, there's so many stereotypes of Chicago neighborhoods that local comedians Eric Oren and Katey Selix decided to put them all together on a single map, which is sure to offend pretty much everyone. A couple months back, our colleagues down in Atlanta stumbled upon a map of their city, complete with off-color descriptions of the city's neighborhoods and more recently, Curbed New York has also discovered a judgmental map of NYC. Not to be excluded from the offensive neighborhood stereotyping, sure enough, there is a map of Chicago nabes labeled (rather illegibly) with their often incursive descriptions. So, if you're ready to be offended, here it is.

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