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Dilapidated Harrison Red Line Station Receiving $10M Rehab

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Last week the CTA announced plans to rehabilitate the 70-year-old underground Red Line station at Harrison Street, work for which has already begun this week. As the South Loop area continues to grow in population and as more students attend area classes or live nearby, a fresh coat of paint will be much welcomed by L riders. Aside from aesthetic improvements and repairs that should reduce water pooling around the stairs and platform (a huge problem at this station), the station will be upgraded with better security cameras, Train Tracker screens, and better placement of ticketing and entrances. However, the improvements won't all be below ground. The station will be the first to include newly designed glass and steel entrance canopies over the entrance stairways on State Street, breaking tradition from the throwback black wrought-iron look the CTA has been using for recent downtown area entrance canopies lately.

The CTA has posted information about entrance and station closures while the construction proceeds through June. The city touts the Harrison station rehab is but one part of a $92 million investment in Near South transit improvements that the mayor announced last summer, including the new Green Line station at Cermak, improvements at the Roosevelt elevated station, and the Orange Line connector at 18th street.
This post was authored by Curbed Chicago contributor Aaron Dunlap
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