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Rent This Dude's Nasty Couch For Only $275 Per Month

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Looking for a new place to live? Well look no further, as you could be the lucky person who shells out nearly three hundred bucks a month to crash on this dude's gross couch. In the Craigslist classified ad, which reads like a really long haiku, the person behind the post is seeking a "clean , Respectful, responsible tenant" to literally live in this living room. The room is a drama-free zone, and comes with a TV without cable. Although the neighborhood is not listed, the ad claims that the living room is located on the "east side of Chicago". We didn't know there was an east side of Chicago.

RENTING out my living room you must be clean , Respectful, responsible tenant
If you cannot pay your rent
On time this ad is not for you
Although there is a 20 dollar late fee if
Your late on your rent , no pets, kids, or druggies
Cable not included, im a movie person
And have plenty
please be drama free
You have A choice of getting

A air mattress or sleeping on the couch

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