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This Week In Chicago Listing Fails, Wins and WTFs

Welcome to Curbed Chicago's newest series in exploring the very best and worst in online multiple listing service (MLS) ads. Every day, Chicago homes are listed to the many MLS sites with terrible photographs, messy rooms, or just plain weird (or awesome) decor.

Have you spotted a listing worthy of Curbed's seal of Win, Fail or WTF approval? We want to see them, so go on and do everyone a favor by sending 'em on over to our tip line.

You guys, Christmas was almost four months ago at this point. That's like at least two months past the acceptable too-lazy-to-take-down Xmas decorations timeline. This better be an artificial tree, otherwise, that poor pine would be way past dead.

Huge Blues Brothers statue - all other arguments are invalid.

One question. Why? Seriously, what is the point of this photo? It's creepy. It basically shows where the bad guys hide while waiting for you to leave your home. It's either that, or a cat's perspective of the space under the deck. Yeah, let's just say it's the cat's view of the backyard.

This Logan Square home is currently under contract, but it's amazing that these photos were even allowed to go on a listing. Need an example of how not to prepare your house for sale? Look no further.

Ever sing pirate songs in the shower? No? Well you should start. Yo ho, it's a pirate's life
for whoever owns this sweet (but kind of cheesy) home.

The ol' wall covered with chalkboard paint. It's kind of cool, but only if you've recently graduated college or have kids. Also, before selling your home, make sure you either erase all the potentially offensive/weird stuff, or just draw up a really neat mural.

Uhhh... ok? That's an interesting place for a deer head.