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Mega-Sized Broadway Mariano's Development To Contain 280 Parking Spots

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The same team that brought the monster Mariano's to Ravenswood is planning to build another enormous grocery store, this time for the folks of Lakeview. The plan to construct a rather large mixed use development containing a Mariano's grocery store surfaced way back in 2011, only to later stall out. Then last June Mariano's returned to the table with plans for the site, however Alderman Tunney has been quiet about plans for the site until recently. The latest plan for the site includes a five story contemporary Antunovich Associates-designed structure containing a Mariano's grocery store and an XSport Fitness stacked on top, with room for up to four more retail tenants according to DNAinfo. On a contentious note, the development would make room for a total of 280 parking spots, which many residents believe is too steep a number for the pedestrian friendly area. The site has been empty since the Dominick's at the location burned down in 2005, and after several false starts, the site is hoping to finally get some action.

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