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Chicago Could Be The Home To George Lucas' New Museum

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Star Wars fans, prepare to flip your wigs - Chicago is going to submit a proposal for the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, the future home of George Lucas' humongous art and artifact collection. Lucas had previously planned to build the $300 million museum in San Francisco's Presidio area, but the community shot down the legendary filmmaker's proposals - all three of them. Rolling up his sleeves and moving on, Lucas has invited Chicago to submit a bid for the museum, which would host the Star Wars creator's huge Norman Rockwell collection, as well as props and memorabilia from his films. Chicago may not seem like an obvious choice for such a museum, however according to the Tribune, Lucas lives in Chicago part time with his wife who hails from the Windy City. Lucas also recently made a generous $25 million contribution to the University of Chicago Lab Schools for the construction of a new arts hall. The mayor will be organizing a task force to develop and submit a proposal in the next few months, which will clearly show the famous filmmaker that the force is indeed strong with Chicago.
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