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This Dude Lives in an Abandoned Grain Silo (By Choice)

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Gone from Brent Bandemer on Vimeo.

Wanting to experience life in a post apocalyptic world, this dude has taken to building his home (by choice) in the old Damen Silos on the city's Southwest Side. In this short doc, the subject David "Gone" Brault is shown squatting in the old grain silo, and hopes that others can learn from his experience, because you know, eventually one day the world will come to an end. Brault is also shown tending to a garden at the old grain silos, and says that living in the abandoned structure is totally not creepy at all. Perhaps Gone is onto something, along with this woman who squatted in a $1.5 million Wicker Park home for two years.
"Gone" by Brent Bandemer [Vimeo]

S Damen Ave & Interstate 55 Chicago, IL 60608