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Most Common Out of State Phone Numbers Found in Chicago

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It's no surprise that Chicago has a lot of transplants who live here, however, many new Windy City residents prefer to keep their old mobile number instead of taking on 312 or 773 digits. According to this super neato data from Spokeo, a people search website, we can see the mobile phone migration patterns for newly minted Chicago residents, and pinpoint where these new Chicagoans are migrating from. No big surprises here in the top two places for states and cities, as Hoosiers and Wisconsinites claim the top spots on both lists. However, Los Angeles and San Francisco area codes take the third and fourth spots on the cities list, showing that west coasters love them some deep dish pizza and long, cold winters. Our friends at Curbed Atlanta have also analyzed the same data, and found that Chicagoans are the most common transplants in the ATL (judging by out of state phone numbers).

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