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Inn At Lincoln Park To Be Demo'ed & Replaced With New Hotel

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The Inn at Lincoln Park may soon be receiving its last rites, as the owner of the old 74-room building has recently indicated plans to replace it with a bigger updated hotel. The old lodge in Lincoln Park was built in 1918 and sits in the heart of Lincoln Park near tourist destinations and nightlife, but the owner believes that there is a strong need for newer hotels in the north side neighborhood and thinks that a "really modern building in a European style" is the ticket to hospitality success. The proposed replacement hotel has a contemporary yet unadventurous design and would contain roughly 120 rooms. The ground level would contain about 12,000 square feet of retail space, and the next two floors would be dedicated to parking. Three nearby neighborhood hotels have just completed major renovations, and the Inn at Lincoln Park could soon be the next in line to board Chicago's hotel boom train.
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