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Imposing Century-Old Colonial Mansion Is Slightly Spooky

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Ever dream of living in a haunted house? Well now you can. Just kidding, this home is not actually haunted. Or is it? This ginormous eight bedroom, seven and a half bathroom Kenwood mansion was built in 1901 and has certainly seen some shit (if these walls could speak..). The listing for the home indicates that the imposing manse is now split up into apartments, but no changes were made to the floor plan so that it could easily be converted back to its initial state as a single family building. The 8,000 square foot manse retains most of its original finish, trim and fixtures and is asking begging for a mad scientist or writer channeling Virginia Woolf to purchase it. It could be yours for $1.1 million.
· 4805 S Drexel Blvd [Trulia]