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Developer To Turn Old Warehouse Into High Tech Office Space

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[photos courtesy of South Street Capital]

Goose Island's rebirth as one of Chicago's premier tech hubs is well underway. And if the announcement of the new UI Labs research and manufacturing facility wasn't enough to be excited about, hold on to your butts because Goose Island is about to get even more tech investment. A developer has recently purchased an old warehouse on the man-made island, and wants to convert the 285,000 square foot building into high tech office space which the developer estimates would be room for about 500 employees. The former Pickens-Kane Moving & Storage building at 909 West Bliss Street is ripe for rehab, and investor Matt Garrison thinks that Goose Island is the ticket.

The developer wants to include all the bells and whistles in the building's renovation, in hopes of attracting new tech tenants such as indoor bike parking, multiple green roofs and LEED certification. In addition to the office space, the developer plans on including retail space on the ground floor and hopes to attract a restaurant operator to set up shop in the building. The project could take some considerable time from start to finish though, with an estimated two to three year turn around before companies can begin moving in. Renderings will be available shortly however, so keep your eyes peeled.