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Expansion for Buckthorn Park Could Lead to More Development

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There is a proposal in the works for a $1.2 million expansion of a small park currently named Buckthorn Park, which would include the transfer nearly 2 acres of city land to the park. Along with that, the city wants six adjacent lots redeveloped and will solicit proposals for new commercial and residential projects. As part of the improvements, the park would be renamed after a slain teenager: Hadiya Pendleton. Until recently, park expansion was on hold because of "nuisances" around the Calumet Food and Liquors, which is now closed. The city is in negotiations to buy the property. Said the owner of a historic social hall in the middle of the proposed project site, "I expect this will be the largest redevelopment in Bronzeville in my lifetime."
· Hadiya Pendleton Park: Alderman Wants Buckthorn Park Named for Slain Teen [DNA info]