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Homeowners And Brokers Prepare For Gun Carrying Buyers

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Illinois' new concealed carry law is beginning to make life difficult for some real estate professionals in Chicago. With 5,000 licenses for concealed carry currently in the mail, real estate companies are gearing up for concerns from homeowners who feel uneasy about allowing guns on their property during open houses and viewings. An Illinois-based real estate trade association has started circulating consent forms to brokers and agents for homeowners to sign if they explicitly do not want firearms on their property. If the form is signed, agents can then place state-authorized signs featuring a silhouetted gun with a red circle and line through it to be placed outside of homes that are for sale.

According to the association, no other groups in any other state have taken to these types of measures for homeowner and broker safety. Considering how contentious and controversial concealed carry has been in Chicago, are these signs just an illusion of safety or do homeowners and brokers have every right to be concerned about gun-carrying buyers?
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