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Chicago's Newest (and Sexiest) CTA Station Is Well On Its Way

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The CTA currently has its hands full, but plans to build a new transit station at Washington and Wabash are well underway. Despite years of setbacks and uncertainties, construction of the new $75 million station is slated to begin in August. Once completed, the sleek, Calatrava-esque station will replace and consolidate the Randolph/Wabash and Madison/Wabash stations under one roof. Construction of the station was initially scheduled to begin April 2013, but plans were delayed due to an environmental study. Engineering and architecture outfit exp (formerly Teng + Associates) was tapped for the project, and provided the final design of the new mega station. Once completed, the CTA estimates that the station will see roughly 13,375 entries per day, making it one of the busiest stations in the system. · Washington/Wabash (100N/46E) [Chicago "L"]
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