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Construction Check-In On The Loop's Mysterious Virgin Hotel

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[photos by Nicholas James for Curbed Chicago]

In an attempt to learn more about the mysterious Virgin Hotel, Curbed stopped by the Old Dearborn Bank Building to see how construction of the new 250 room boutique hotel is coming along. The British conglomerate recently released an infographic that breaks down a few key details about the Virgin Hotel, but what everyone wants to know is what the heck will this thing look on the inside when it is completed. Although we couldn't make any magic happen and get shots of the interior of the renovated building, we did however get a comprehensive look at the exterior. Virgin reps had previously stated that the company intends to preserve the building's historic facade and interior aesthetics, and the outside of the art deco skyscraper is looking better than ever.

The company has tried its best to keep construction and buildout of its new lifestyle hotel under wraps, and has even made efforts to remove any previous traces of evidence of what the hotel will eventually look like. For now, the company expects a late 2014 opening, so we'll stay tuned and continue to report as new details emerge.
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