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The Chicago Tourism Board's Way Boring New Promo Video

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The city's tourism board, Choose Chicago, has recently commissioned and released this video to help convince would-be tourists that Chicago truly has everything, but it really is just a yawn-inducing, monotonous two and a half minute brag. Complete with stop motion footage, images of happy people, a narrator with a gravely voice and sweeping images of the city skyline, the team who made the video clearly lifted a page from the generic brand video script. Choose Chicago has certainly done way worse, for example those who remember the miserable failure that is the Umphrey's McGee ode to the city, "Chicago". Either way, the video does have a lot of good facts, and numbers and will certainly appeal to vapid tourists who like to compare the number of Michelin-starred restaurants when making their decision on which city to visit.
· "Imagine" Chicago by Choose Chicago [Youtube]