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A Look Back At Al Capone's Former HQ, The Lexington Hotel

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Al Capone had a lot of stomping grounds during his time in Chicago, like the former Lexington Hotel in the South Loop, where the mobster lived for three years between 1928 and 1931. Capone and his gang occupied the fourth and fifth floors of the hotel, which became a sanctuary for illicit activities. The famous gangster had his own personal suite featuring a pea-green and lavender tiled bathroom and had a view of 22nd and Michigan. In 1986, the hotel was the subject of Geraldo Rivera's live syndicated television show to break open what was thought to be Capone's vault. However, nothing of value was found. The building met its demise in 1996 despite talks to preserve and restore. Perhaps the building could have been saved, considering the vastly improving market conditions that took shape just years later - but we'll never know.

This post was authored by Curbed Chicago Contributor Nenad Tadic
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