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Introducing Four of Chicago's Greatest Hotel Packages

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Say you're visiting Chicago, and interested in a hotel package that beats the usual breakfast and gym offerings. Well, you're in luck, as we have scoured the package offerings of many popular Chicago hotels and present to you four of the most unique and interesting ones that are sure to alter your Chicago experience. From high-tech, to no-tech to all-out, these hotel packages are raising the bar in the Windy City hospitality scene.

The former Amalfi-turned-Kinzie is a relative newcomer to the Chicago hotel scene, but when it formally opened in February, the boutique spot blasted onto the hospitality circuit with some unique package offerings. Most notably, earlier this month, the Kinzie offered a St. Patrick's Day themed package that commanded a small pot-o-gold of $13,000. However, one of their more reasonable, and non-seasonal deals is a package that equips guests with a bike, helmet, lock, city road map and a Go-Pro video camera so that visitors can see the Windy City by bike and digitally record their experience.

ACME Hotel Company is also joining the ranks of hoteliers who are stoked on technology, and this year the trendy boutique has announced that guests can borrow a set of Google Glass for a few hours a day. In addition to the opportunity to temporarily transform into a Glasshole, ACME is also offering a "Knock N Drop" room service where fresh locally made baked goods and coffee are delivered to a guest's room. The hotel also offers high speed internet, and state of the art wireless audio systems in rooms. And for those who tend to stay out late, the hotel offers a service that includes next morning delivery of two sports drinks, two aspirin packets and a $10 certificate to a near by burger joint. Party on.

While other Chicago hotels are offering packages with the latest high tech toys and gizmos, Hotel Monaco is taking the opposite approach. One of their packages requests that guests surrender their smart devices when checking in, for a tech-free stay. The boutique also offers yoga mats in every room and has a yoga television station on their TVs. Bikes can also be checked out for guests who want to explore the city on two wheels (without a video camera). When visiting Chicago, why not take a digital detox? Save the Instagramming for your airline food.

Dana Hotel & Spa is known for its popular pampering, and seriously relaxing spa. However, for $100,000 a day during the week, or $200,000 a day on the weekend, guests can literally rent out the entire hotel. The package includes the reservation of the hotel's 200 guest rooms, overnight parking for 100 cars, full access to the hotel's staff as well as a 400 person party in the restaurant and a 300 person breakfast buffet the next morning.

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