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Lincoln Park Duplex Delivers With Incredible Bathrooms

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Here at Curbed Chicago, we're under the belief that if you're going to spend two and a half million bucks on a home, get one with lots of bathrooms - lots of really nice bathrooms. And this three bedroom, three and a half bathroom penthouse duplex in Lincoln Park delivers with its porcelain thrones. Sure, we are impressed that this home has an elevator, a master suite with a wood burning fireplace, and the luxe-standard kitchen with famous-brand appliances, but what is really exciting is the master bathroom. See, some thinkers and thought leaders believe that one can find inspiration while in the shower, bath tub, or yes, even the toilet, and the master bathroom in this home certainly begs its owner to take their time while doing their business. You never know when your next big idea will come, so be prepared and own this amazing home for $2.599 million.

· 600 West Belden Avenue #B Chicago, IL 60614 [Coldwell Banker]