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Wicker Park's Northwest Tower Approved For Hotel Rooms

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Wicker Park's long neglected art deco anchor, The Northwest Tower (also known as the Coyote Building) has been officially approved by the Chicago Plan Commission to be converted into a hotel. Mexican hotelier outfit Grupo Habita will be responsible for the renovation and operation of the 12 story Northwest Tower and the five story Hollander Fireproof Warehouse next door, which will receive 120 rooms combined. The developer still has to receive the final blessings from the Zoning Committee to begin the hotel conversion, but hopes to receive construction permits sometime mid-summer. The Northwest Tower, with its relative close proximity to downtown Chicago and O'Hare airport, marks a new and exciting challenger to the Chicago neighborhood hotel game, and if done right could certainly cash in on Wicker Park, West Town and Logan Square's trendy nightlife scenes.
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