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Portland Design Group Confirms Chicago Developer Used Renderings Without Permission

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Last week we presented renderings of two super futuristic, space-ship looking buildings that a developer was using to promote a project near Grand and Western, and boy was it exciting to see something so different. However, the honeymoon began to turn sour when commenters noticed that the one rendering used for the project was in fact not a rendering at all - it was an image of a building that currently exists in Portland. Before going on a witch hunt, we decided we would ask the developer for clarification on the matter, and were told, "These are in fact design ideas that we want to take the actual building design in." The developer also followed up with a comment on the post.

Any remaining confusion was cleared up yesterday when the firm who designed one of the buildings wrote in letting us know that Panoptic Group used the work "without permission" and that they "will be addressing this issue with Panoptic directly."

Panoptic has since removed the renderings of the two buildings from its site, and as of this morning, has appeared to have scrubbed one of the projects completely. We did however, post about another project from Panoptic the same day, but all indications point to it being an original work done specifically for the developer. Sometimes development truth can be stranger than fiction.

So what will become of the super futuristic, spaceship-looking development for Ukrainian Village? We'll be sure to stay tuned and keep updating the story as it goes along.
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