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Navy Pier Flyover Recreation Trail To Begin Construction Soon

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Construction is scheduled to begin this spring on the Navy Pier Flyover, an elevated path for pedestrians and bicyclists that is intended to alleviate congestion along the busiest section of the Lakefront Trail near Navy Pier. During the summer months, sections of the 18.5 mile trail can become so overloaded with congestion that bicyclists and pedestrians often run into each other, causing major headaches for everyone involved. The city hopes that the 16 foot wide path that stretches from the Chicago River Bridge to Jane Addams Park will be the solution to the trail's congestion issues, but also in safety issues, as the flyover allows bicyclists and pedestrians to completely avoid vehicle traffic entering and exiting Navy Pier. The Chicago Department of Transportation hopes to complete the project in 2018. Now, if only the city can figure out a solution to make inline skaters and bicyclists coexist peacefully.

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