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Oprah Ditches Famed Harpo Studios Campus For $32 Million

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Harpo Studios, the former home of The Oprah Winfrey Show is set to sell to a developer for a hefty $32 million. The 3.5 acre campus was purchased and renovated in the late 80s to become the home of Oprah's production company which began filming in the space in 1990, but operations slowed down to a snail's pace early last year when a majority of Harpo employees were moved to studios in Hollywood to work on programming for Oprah's cable channel. Today, 200 employees remain of the campus which boasts over 170,000 square feet of space, and will remain for the next two years under a lease with the new owner. Crain's notes that the sale of the studio campus is significant as it marks the severing of Oprah's last remaining commercial ties with Chicago. So this is what Chicago gets in return for naming a street after Oprah, huh? We see how it is. However, for all the high rollers out there, Oprah's $7.75 million Water Tower Place penthouse is still up for grabs.
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