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Strip Club Owner's Sprawling Barrington Estate Takes Nearly $2.5M Price Chop

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Sam Cecola, owner of the Admiral Theatre strip club in Albany Park has just chopped the price on his absurdly gigantic Barrington estate by $2.4 million. Cecola previously owned the Club Paradise strip joint in Las Vegas, but had to relinquish ownership due to legal problems involving tax fraud, and possible connections with the mob. The ginourmous 20,000 square foot mansion was originally listed last June for a hard-to-swallow $15.9 million. Although strip clubs overwhelmingly tend to err on the sleazy side, this French Country style estate is quite the contrary and appears rather sophisticated. With five bedrooms and nine baths, this home sits on eight acres of prime Barrington land. You can now have it all for the slightly less, yet still ridiculously pricey $13.5 million.
· 45 LAKEVIEW Lane, Barrington, IL [Estately]
· 45 Lakeview Ln, Barrington, IL 60010 [Zillow]