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Old Fullerton State Bank To Get Residential Treatment?

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A developer has announced plans to turn an old Lincoln Park bank on Fullerton Avenue into a residential building. The landmark Fullerton State Bank near DePaul University was built in 1923 and has sat vacant for years, but according to DNAinfo, a new plan would convert the neoclassical structure into eight residential units. The proposal also includes a one story addition to the top of the building and a four story addition to the side with an arch and walkway leading up to an entrance on the side of the building, which can be seen in the rendering of the project. If completed, the interior of the structure would have to be totally gutted and rebuilt, and would included the removal of the former bank's safe. In order to move forward with the plan, the developer needs to receive the good graces from the city's zoning and landmark commissions as the building would require a zoning change and include major alterations a protected structure.

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