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A Look At Median 1 & 2 Bedroom Rent Prices In Chicago

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Here now, are the cheapest, and most expensive neighborhood areas to rent one and two bedroom apartments in Chicago. The last time we looked at the median rent price in the city, we were given an idea of how much rents have gone up over the last year, however rental search site Zumper has provided us with these fancy graphics that give a more comprehensive view of how much it costs to live in these neighborhoods right now. When it comes to expensive one bedrooms, the Loop takes the cake with a cost of roughly $1,922 per month for an apartment. The Near West Side and Near North Side (River North and Gold Coast) follow closely behind at $1,888 and $1,852 per month for a one bedroom pad. Uptown and Logan Square fall smack dab in the middle with rents running around $1,145 and $1,195 per month.

The rental landscape for two bedroom apartments looks a bit different. For example, if you decided to spring for a two bedroom over a one bedroom unit on the west side, it would only cost a hundred or two more per month to do so. The Loop yet again reigns as the most expensive nabe to rent in at $2,676 per month for a two bedroom apartment. The Near North Side comes in second place at $2,799 and the Near West Side takes third at $2,550 per month for a two bedroom pad. Logan Square trades places with Lincoln Square, and actually has become more a more expensive neighborhood to rent a two bedroom apartment in (gentrification, man).

Update: The infographic for one bedroom prices had incorrectly listed the average rent in the Lower West Side at $1,800 per month, when it should have been $1,300. The graphic has been changed to reflect this.

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