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Your Next Home Could Be In This Webbed Steel Building

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[renderings courtesy Panoptic Group]

This super contemporary glass and steel-webbed mixed use building will soon be coming to 701 N Western Avenue. The developer, Panoptic Group, is currently in the process of obtaining permits to begin construction on the site, and hopes to break ground in early April. The developer expects to obtain LEED Gold status for the project, and once completed, the building will contain nine 1,800 square foot condo units, and have at least one parking space for each unit. The building will also boast roughly 2,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. In addition to having a striking aesthetic, the developer claims that the webbed design of the building will serve a functional purpose by acting as a solar shade. The average price for a unit in the new sleek building is expected to run about $469,000, so get ready Ukrainian Villagers.
· 701 N Western [Panoptic Group]