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Alderman Says Wrigley Field Renovations Will Begin This Year

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At a public meeting last night in Wrigleyville, Alderman Tom Tunney told residents that he believes that the Wrigley Field renovations will begin soon, despite an ongoing legal battle between the Cubs and nearby roof top owners over signage in right field. Alderman Tunney went on to state that the field has served its job well over the last one hundred years, and that with completed renovations, the field will last another one hundred years (and also added that the Cubs will win a World Series sometime in the next century). Renovations to the century old ballpark would include upper deck concourse improvements and structural upgrades as well as press box and bleacher expansions that would include a large LED screen and signage. Some residents who attended the meeting expressed concerns about the future Cubs Plaza and the noise, congestion and potential drunken madness that could come from hosting events at the space.

The Alderman stated that activities on the plaza have not been approved yet, and that future events will have to be approved on a case by case basis. Previous reports indicated that the plaza could host up to 25 events during the summer months, however the Alderman's staff confirmed that the number is not official yet and will likely be a much smaller number. Any special events that do take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day would have to begin two hours before weekend games and end by second inning. But don't get too pumped about throwing back Bud Lights outside of the park just yet, construction of Cubs Plaza would not begin until renovations at Wrigley Field move forward.