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1940s Promotional Film Shows Chicago From Another Era

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Chicago - A Film from the Chicago Board Of Education from Fading Dyes on Vimeo.

This incredible film produced by the Chicago Board Of Education gives an aerial and ground tour of Chicago during the 1940s where it shows the city's former industrial areas, its educational institutions and art deco skyline. The film, which refers to our fair city as "the most American of American cities", pans over Chicago's once great steel industry and takes the viewer downtown where it reveals a city from a previous era. The Allerton Hotel rises over all of its neighbors and the film refers to the Chicago Board of Trade as "the youngest of Chicago's towers", giving an idea of how old the film really is. The film also drives through the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and visits the Back of the Yards neighborhood when it was well, the hog butcher of the world. The film boasts Chicago's transportation hubs and vast train system, which the video claims was the largest railroad center in the world at the time. Come watch as we take this #throwbackthursday all the way back to when Chicago was truly an industrial power to be reckoned with.
· Chicago - A Film from the Chicago Board Of Education [Vimeo]
· I found this old film reel of Chicago from the 1940s at an estate sale. [Reddit]