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Own (Or Rent) This Desert Adobe-Style Home In Bucktown

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For $525,000 you could spend this coming summer in this Southwestern style home in Bucktown. According to the listing, this unique desert style one bedroom home began its life as a corner pub way back in the day when it was built in 1887. The listing also boasts that the 1,200 square foot pad was also featured in "Home & Garden", but we're not sure if they mean the television channel HGTV or the magazine Better Homes & Gardens. Although a bit of an oddball in Chicago, the home certainly has a mediterranean vibe, and looks like something that would be more common to find in Albuquerque or Mesa than the Windy City. The home features a wood fireplace, a kitchen that resembles the bar at a Chi-Chi's, an office that doubles as a mini-conservatory and a nice outdoor patio with all the flora one could ever hope for. The home is listed for a bit over half a million, but was also spotted on Craigslist for a privy renter seeking a Southwestern vibe.

· 2328 North Leavitt Street, Chicago, IL [Estately]
· $1000 / 1br - Nice Home ..... Garden [Craigslist]