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Just Released! The Redevelopment Plan For Cabrini-Green

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[photos by Nicholas James for Curbed Chicago]

The Chicago Housing Authority has just released its draft plan for the redevelopment of the 65 acre site where Cabrini-Green once stood. Details for the plan were largely unknown leading up to last night's meeting, however the CHA has now come out with a comprehensive plan on how it seeks to tackle the redevelopment of the site. Specifics on what kind of retail and the new housing project are still being mulled over, and a request for proposals from developers will begin starting this April. What this plan does show is exactly what kind of development will go where - specifically parks, residential and mixed use buildings. From a bigger picture perspective we now have a better idea of what this area could potentially look like, but still won't know exactly how for another few months. The complete draft plan can be viewed here.

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