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Much Delayed Virgin Hotel to Delay Opening Yet Again

The opening of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Hotel has been pushed back yet again. The billionaire modern day renaissance man purchased the Old Dearborn Bank Building in October 2011 and began renovation in May 2012 with an initial expected opening around late 2013. The hotel is planned to have 250 guest rooms, two "rock star" suites, an underground spa and a rooftop bar and lounge. Other than the number of rooms and amenities the hotel will have, Virgin has been keeping quiet as very few (if any) specifics on what the interior will look like have been revealed. However, Virgin reps have stated that they intend to preserve the building's art deco design due to its architectural significance. The company covered all windows of the building with red tarps and removed any renderings that were once online, keeping everyone speculating whether Virgin's trademark purple and red neon lights will make their way into the final buildout. Expect an opening of the swanky new hotel this September.

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