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Milwaukee Ave Storefront From High Fidelity Gets Scooped Up

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The Wicker Park storefront that played a starring role in the classic John Cusack film, High Fidelity has been purchased by a developer. According to DNAinfo, the store at 1514 North Milwaukee Avenue was scooped up earlier this month for $1.4 million and will be getting a makeover to attract a future retail tenant. In the movie, the space at Milwaukee and Honore was home to Championship Vinyl, the record store that protagonist Rob Gordon (played by John Cusack) owned. High Fidelity along with the reality show Real World Chicago are often credited for kicking the gentrification of the northwest side neighborhood into high gear. The storefront has been boarded up for years, but the developer plans to rehab the 3,000 square foot space in hopes to cash in on the burgeoning Wicker Park retail scene.

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