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Three North Side Hotels Have Just Completed Renovations

Rejoice travelers and staycation-ers, three North Side hotels have just completed major renovation work. The Majestic Hotel and City Suites Chicago in Lakeview and The Willows Hotel in Lincoln Park will unveil their recent facelifts this Saturday, March 1. Each hotel has received new guestroom and lobby furnishings, new carpeting and lighting as well as window treatments. All three hotels have also been upgraded with super high speed internet. The 55-room Willows, 52-room Majestic and 45-room City Suites Chicago were originally built in the 1920s and are currently owned by the same company. Even hotels in Chicago's neighborhoods are hopping on the hotel boom train, undergoing renovations as they prepare to compete with the plethora of fancy new hotels that are due to open.

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