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Roscoe Village Dudes Seek John Stamos Look-Alike Room Mate

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Do you look like John Stamos? Do you play guitar and have great hair? If so, you would be the perfect match for a couple of guys in Roscoe Village looking for a room mate to be their Uncle Jesse. The person who posted the ad has a kid and requests that their new room mate assists in raising the child, much like the uncle we all knew and loved from the hit 90's sitcom Full House. In addition to parental duties, the new room mate must be obsessed with Elvis and regularly exclaim "Have Mercy" when things are not going their way. For those who match the description, rent would be only $500 per month in a supposed 5200 square foot apartment (it aint that big).
· $500 / 5200ft² - Jesse Katsopolis/ John Stamos Lookalike (roscoe village) [Craigslist]