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Developer Shows Self Love Through 20 Ft. Tribute To His Ego

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Donald Trump wants to add a 20 foot stainless steel sign to the exterior of the River North high rise that also shares his name. The huge "TRUMP" logo would also be backlit so that there would be no question of who owns the building even when it's dark outside. Our question - why? Is there any real reason to do this? The Donald received a permit from the city last October to add the sign to his 92 story Trump International Hotel & Tower, but because of the nasty winter, Mr. Trump has been waiting for sunny skies and warmer temps to make the aesthetic change to the building. However, not everyone is liking The Donald's idea to fix his name to the side of the building in a large gaudy Trump fashion. Preservationists say that it has "the potential to be quite ugly", and some residents are concerned that it could block their views. What do you make of this dear reader?
· Trump to sign maker: You're hired! [Chicago Real Estate Daily]

Trump International Hotel & Tower

401 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611