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Super 80s Wolf Of Wall Street Style Mansion Up For Grabs

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Sometimes you see a see a home that is so representative of a time period that it just makes your head spin so fast that you end going back a few decades. This freakishly humongous 5,400 square foot mansion designed by architect Stanley Tigerman was built in 1985 and screams Reaganomics. While school children were hiding under desks for thermonuclear war drills during the end of the Cold War, the owner of this five bed, five bath home was likely chilling out by the pool listening to the latest Phil Collins album on Compact Disc. The Highland Park home also carries a Wall Street price tag with an ask of $3 million. All it needs now is some Patrick Nagel prints and a white Ferrari parked out front and you could be riding the economic wave back to the era of 80's excess and conspicuous consumption.

· 1014 Sheridan Road, Highland Park, IL [Estately]