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See These Sad Photos Of The House Devin Hester Just Sold

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Ok, well it hasn't sold sold just yet, but Chicago Bears receiver and return specialist monster Devin Hester's 10,000 square foot Riverwoods home is currently under contract for two million big ones. However, for anyone going through these photos, it's amazing to think that they were even allowed on the internet in the first place. We're not real estate brokers or agents, but we're pretty sure that you don't take pictures of a $2.5 million dollar home with a crappy old camera. Hell, even a ten year old Blackberry, or a disposable 35mm camera could have done more justice to this suburban McMansion. According to the Trib, Hester's pad is under contract for just under $2 million, after $625,000 in price cuts since last April. The six bedroom, eight and a half bath home includes a theater room, tennis court, a freakin' pond, and the typical professional athlete man cave in the basement. The original Realtor listing has been removed, but thanks to some internet sleuthing, Curbed can assure our dear readers that these photos will never disappear.

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