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NIMBYs Vow Revenge On Alderman For Children's Memorial Deal

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The Chicago Plan Commission gave its official nod of approval to the revised $350 million development proposal for the Children's Memorial Site last night. After a two and a half year battle, it all appears to finally be over. But is it? A number of attendees at yesterday's meeting expressed their dissatisfaction with Alderman Michele Smith's handling of the deal and felt that their City Council rep had thrown their neighborhood and community under the bus. One resident warned that by this time next year, Alderman Smith would no longer be representing Lincoln Park - with many in the audience cheering.

Although most proposals breeze through the City Council's Zoning Committee after receiving unanimous yea votes from the Plan Commission, DNAinfo reported earlier this week that a community group has mulled over the idea of taking their beef to court to delay or block the proposed development. So when will it all really end? And what will happen to Ald. Michele Smith? Did she really turn her back on her own residents, and cave to the pressure of accepting the terms of the deal after a long fought battle and numerous revisions? Are Lincoln Park residents merely launching empty threats towards their City Council representative, or will the NIMBYs get their political retribution?

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