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New Chicago Whole Foods Locations Not Opening Until 2015

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Late last month, specialty grocer Whole Foods confirmed the take over of four former Dominick's locations within Chicago city limits, causing a collective sigh of relief from many Chicago grocery shoppers. However, Whole Foods is saying that its recently acquired stores won't be open until 2015. Citing a much different floor plan and the need to completely gut remodel the interiors, Whole Foods will take at least a year to get the stores in the West Loop, Streeterville, Edgewater and DePaul up and running. When Jewel took over four stores in January, the chain only needed about a week to renovate and reopen them under its new ownership (while keeping all the former Dominick's employees of those stores). Milwaukee based Roundy's will be opening its first Dominick's-Mariano's conversion tomorrow.

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