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Live Alone On Valentine's Day In An Affordable Lakefront Studio

In today's edition of Real Estate Death Match, we take a look at three different oddball lakefront studios priced under $140K. All of these studios are perfect for living alone on Valentine's Day. Each one features great views of the lake and all contain a refrigerator large enough to store multiple frozen pizzas and days old Chinese take out. Take a look at each and let us know which space you would chose.

↑ Near North Side This 800 square foot studio located on Lake Shore Drive and Michigan Avenue is conveniently located in the heart of Chicago's tourist district near Mag Mile shopping and fine dining. It also features a Murphy bed and a wall with floor-to-ceiling mirrors that make the place look twice as big, but can also be useful for staring at yourself while doing T25 or P90X alone. The ask? $140,000.

↑ Edgewater This 580 square foot Edgewater studio is truly an oddball. The ceiling is painted to look like a cloud filled sky and the carpet has a weird green square patch in the middle of the main room. Leave it as is for that perfect new agey vibe. Hang some crystals from the ceiling and burn some incense while listening to Enya and this place will surely guarantee that you'll be living alone for the foreseeable future. This studio could be yours for $115,000.

↑ Lakeview For $118,000 you could be the proud new owner of this studio space at 3600 North LSD. Though not really an oddball, at 575 square feet, it's the smallest studio in the death match making it a perfect space for one person. The unit is in a building that epitomizes the midcentury modern high rise, and features a vintage kitchen. With new carpet and and an updated bathroom, it's move-in-ready.

Poll results

· 1000 North LAKE SHORE Drive Unit 1906, Chicago, IL [Estately]
· 5455 North Sheridan Road Unit 3907, Chicago, IL [Estately]
· 3600 North LAKE SHORE Drive Unit 1910, Chicago, IL [Estately]