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DePaul's New Theater School Takes The LEED, Wins Gold

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[photos via DePaul University/Jeff Goldberg]

DePaul has been expanding like crazy in the last several years, taking every opportunity to scoop up an old building or empty lot. And with so much attention being focused on its new arena at McCormick Place, people are forgetting that the university's famous theater school has moved into its new home. The Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects designed theater school at the corner of Racine and Fullerton opened in September, just in time for the new school year. And at 165,000 square feet, the new building is twice the size of the old theater school, tucked away on Belden Avenue. In addition to the new building being totally awesome to look at, according to a press release, the new theater school is the fourth building on the DePaul campus to receive LEED status - and Gold at that. The new building boasts two auditoriums, one with 250 seats and another with 100 as well as a new library. Rejoice and be happy theater fans and students alike.

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