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Here's a Look At The Under-Construction Maggie Daley Park

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[screen shot of the Maggie Daley Park Construction webcam]

Seriously, what the heck is going on over at Maggie Daley Park? The city has setup a website with a non-live-streaming webcam, and it appears that the construction crew is assembling the pieces to the largest igloo the city has ever seen. The 20 acre site in north Grant Park is being constructed on top of the Millennium Lakeside parking garage, and according to the Chicago Park District, the first stage of construction necessitates the complete overhaul of the parking structure's waterproofing membrane, which is likely what we're witnessing in the web cam footage. Once completed, the park will feature hundreds of trees and native flora as well as events and programs for kids. The park is named after former Chicago First Lady and wife of Da Mayor, Maggie Daley.

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Grant Park

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