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Dibs Thief Steals Dozens Of Chairs & Causes Widespread Chaos

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[photos via the Curbed Chicago Flickr pool/Curtis Locke]

Missing your dibs chair? Take a look through this photo series of a neighborhood dibs bandit's cache of chairs and other items and maybe you'll spot yours. A deranged hilariously awesome Curbed reader has been literally driving through the entire city, picking up peoples' dibs and assembling a collection from each neighborhood in his backyard. Seriously, who does this? Apparently someone has time to do this. Last month, a Craigslist ad was spotted where someone was claiming to sell repurposed dibs chairs. However, we have definitive evidence of yet another dibs thief striking this fair city. The masked dibs bandit describes the Chicago phenomenon as a "chair-ished tradition". Indeed, the practice of putting objects in parking places to save them in Chicago is a cherished and chair-ished tradition. We'd like to remind our readers that these are not just photos of random chairs, these are photos of pending neighborhood chaos and anarchy.

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